A.R.S. 43-1183 / A.R.S. 43 Ch. 15 (Eff. 1/1/11)

Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Corporations with an Arizona corporate income tax or insurance premium tax liability can redirect up to 100% of their tax liability to a state approved School Tuition Organization, such as ASCT, and receive dollar-for-dollar tax credits for their contribution. DEADLINE FOR REQUESTS IS JULY 2, 2018 FOR THE 2018 CAP.

This tax credit program is exclusively used to provide scholarships for low-income students statewide.

Companies can also participate in the Corporate Tax Credit for Disabled and Displaced Children.

NOTE: The program cap was met within days of opening in many previous years. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible if your company is interested in participating. Email: sbolick@asct.org.

Currently, only C-Corporations and S-Corporations with an Arizona income tax liability and insurance companies that pay an Arizona premium tax credit can participate in the Arizona Private School Corporate Tax Credit Programs.

More information on the programs is available on the Department of Revenue website here.