Gauge lives with his grandparents in a rural Arizona community. They are grateful for the tuition tax credit programs and using a scholarship provided by ASCT, are able to choose the best educational option for their grandson. Gauge’s grandfather is a frequent volunteer at the school and is known as “Papa” to the students and staff. Gauge is thriving both academically and socially. His family is thankful that their grandson can get the individualized, quality education he needs to succeed.



Madeleine’s family is thrilled to be able to send their daughter to the school of their choice in Phoenix, Arizona. With smaller class sizes allowing her to focus and a safe and loving environment, Madeleine is overcoming educational challenges and is a thriving student. A scholarship provided by ASCT has provided this family with the ability to choose the best educational option available for Madeleine.



A scholarship provided through ASCT and Arizona’s corporate tuition tax credit program gives his parents Olga and Jorge the financial support they need to choose the best education available for their son. Without scholarship assistance, a private school would have been financially out of reach for this family. Josiah is now receiving a quality education and is thriving with smaller class sizes that allow for more individual attention and higher standards. His family is incredibly grateful they were able to choose a private education for their son.



Amya is a foster child and new ASCT scholarship recipient. Desiring to give her a new start, her foster parents learned of the possibility of scholarships and applied for assistance. Amya is now able to attend a small private school near her new home where she can get the extra kindness and individual attention she desperately needs. Her foster mother says that Amya is now excited to go to school every morning. They are grateful to be able to give her this fresh start.


Raymond’s family feels truly blessed to live in a state that offers tax credit scholarship opportunities for families of children with special educational needs. They had tried charter schools, public schools and on-line learning. Because of a life-changing scholarship, Raymond is now able to attend a private school for children on the Autism spectrum. Raymond now receives the time, attention and praise he needs to thrive. He is not only growing academically but is learning life skills that will contribute to his success as an adult.